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Family Law

At Nadeau Legal PLLC
, we have successfully guided thousands of clients through a variety family law situations, representing persons from every walk of life, income level and marital or non-marital circumstance.

Our firm possesses particular expertise and experience in child custody disputes, helping parents, grandparents and others to obtain custodial and contact rights and support orders in the district courts, superior courts and probate courts of New Hampshire. We also have special expertise and experience in contested and uncontested guardianship, conservatorship and adoption cases and name change disputes, as well as in child support and spousal support proceedings.

The attorneys at Nadeau Legal PLLC are also well versed in valuing and litigating marital assets, business assets and marital debts, and in ensuring their proper allocation to our clients. We work closely with our clients to guide them in developing appropriate strategies though the divorce process, to help them to confidentially maximize the protection of their interests and future opportunities as amicably as possible with their opponent. But, we do not hesitate to act as forcefully through the legal process as our clients’ circumstances and objectives may reasonably require.

The lawyers at Nadeau Legal PLLC stay abreast of statutory and case law changes affecting our clients’ rights to ensure that proper, timely and effective legal services and advocacy will be delivered to our clients.

Perhaps unlike many other law firms consisting of so-called “family lawyers”, the lawyers at Nadeau Legal PLLC are also cognizant of the variety of custodial options available to clients, including people who are not natural parents of children. Custodial and contact rights of a variety of forms may be available to almost anyone through the guardianship and conservatorship process in the probate courts, even where Legal relief may not otherwise be available in traditional family law proceedings in the district courts or superior courts.

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