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Personal Injury

Personal injury cases are as diverse as life itself. The attorneys of Nadeau Legal have successfully handled the vast majority of suits imaginable -- motor vehicle accidents, product liability, toxic torts, professional malpractice, slip and fall, wrongful death, premises liability and employment related injury. Although litigation seldom makes a person whole, we work tirelessly to achieve a satisfactory financial resolution for people who have suffered personal injuries. We work closely with the injured in pursuit of their claims, and we bring responsible parties to the table or bench. From the first moment of initial consultation, through investigation, pleading, and discovery, and ultimately in settlement negotiations and trial, our attorneys develop your case carefully, thoroughly, and diligently.

We investigate and develop facts aggressively through discovery and, when necessary, fearlessly enter the “battle of experts.” Our attorneys have experience finding and retaining experts such as medical professionals, accountants, and engineers when properly promoting or defending a claim requires developing technical facts and expert opinions to educate the parties, court or jury.

We often achieve success through negotiations that satisfactorily settle a claim. We also use alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, including mediation, arbitration, mock trials, or other court mandated procedures to meet our client’s needs. When settlement breaks down and ADR fails to reach an agreement between parties, we stand prepared to take matters into the court room seeking justice for our clients before juries and judges. Our attorneys are licensed in all northeastern states and are familiar with civil procedures in state as well as federal courts. When needed, we also stand ready to appeal outcomes at all levels and to defend hard earned results for our clients when appealed by opposing parties.

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