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Criminal Law

With the benefit of years of experience as a federal, state and municipal prosecutor, Attorney Robert Nadeau leads Nadeau Legal PLLC as one of the foremost law firms providing effective criminal and juvenile defense representation.

The attorneys at Nadeau Legal PLLC have successfully represented clients charged with crimes of homicide, sexual assault, arson, larceny and a variety of other felonies. When necessary, we know how to locate and effectively utilize forensic experts to assist our clients in obtaining excellent results and, very often, acquittals, concerning charges pending against them. We have a reputation for being tough, well prepared and effective before judges and juries.

Of course, we have also successfully represented hundreds of clients charged with less serious offenses such as operating under the influence, operating after suspension, reckless operation, assault, disorderly conduct, harassment and a variety of other minor felonies, misdemeanors and juvenile offenses.

The lawyers at Nadeau Legal PLLC are also particularly skilled with handling sensitive witnesses, including child witnesses adverse to our clients’ circumstances, in a manner that gets the job done by avoiding inflammation of judicial and jury sensibilities, while enabling our clients to disprove key elements of the offenses with which they are charged.

The lawyers at Nadeau Legal PLLC do not accept court appointments at the reduced rates paid by courts for the benefit of indigent and marginally indigent defendants. This is not because we are unsympathetic with the plight of persons in such financial circumstances, but only because of the high demand for our attorneys’ time and our goal of being able to provide quality, effective service and representation to our paying clients. But if you or your loved one needs serious representation in a criminal, juvenile or administrative defense, give us a call.

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